I am a professional costume designer, who worked with a number of
theaters and music halls in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After moving to the United States in 2003  I continued to use my knowledge and experience with fabric to create costumes and  design new  pieces, such as framed art, tablecovers, scarves, Christmas ornaments and greeting cards. I am a juried member of New Hampshire League of Craftsmen since 2009.

      I have been painting on fabric for more than 20 years. I make my own stencils, one for each color and for every detail in my composition. I use oil and dry brush technique to create an airbrushed look. I also use acrylic paint and work with as many different kinds of fabric as possible. I love doing applique of painted fabric or paper in my items. It gives them additional depth and always looks festive. For the final decorating I use a unique and rarely used technique of applying paint through a very small hole in a wax paper bag called "foontick"to create an imitation of embroidery.

You can see examples of my work below.
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